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The state of Andhra Pradesh has 348 so far and only 9 people have got cured and discharged from hospital. Every district in AP has a quarantine hospital and the doctors are working round the clock to treat the patients.

As Corona infected patients, they would be needing hygienic and protein food with a lot of vitamins that can battle with the virus. So what are the patients being served? The official Twitter handle of Arogya Andhra has shared a picture of the food being served to the patients.

The plate shows, two bananas, two eggs, fresh lime juice, a bunch of cashews, almonds, dates and raisins. Well, that's a lot of healthy food and gives the patients a stronger immunity to find against virus.

As long as the patients are in quarantine, they would be getting this menu on daily basis. Patients who have the habit of some masala stuff and non-veg, probably need to wait a few more details until they get cured.




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