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Anushka Wants To Get Married And Have Kids

Mangalore beauty Anushka captivated all with her glamour treat and powerful performances in Baahubali, Rudramadevi, Size Zero and Bhaagamathie lately. For quite some time, rumors of her affair and marriage with Prabhas have been increased. No amount of clarification ended those rumors. With her not signing any new projects, these got increased even further. 

Few days back reports came out that Anushka's parents performed special rituals at temples in order to quicken her marriage process by removing all the hurdles in her horoscope.

Sweety Anushka who remained silent all these days, speaking to scribes surprised all speaking about her marriage and having babies. She said girls of her age already got married and having kids too. 

Anushka said just like another girl, she too would love to get married and have babies. Her close aides say Anushka gave green signal for marriage and her family members are searching for Mr.Right for her.




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