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Anushka Green Signal For Marriage

Did actress Anushka Shetty give green signal to enter into wedlock? Seem so, according to various rumors spreading like a wild fire. Anushka for long impressed with her powerful performances and beauty treat on silver screen.

However of late she is not seen on silver screen after attracting all in Baahubali, Rudramadevi and Bhaagamathie. In between there were reports that Anushka and Young Rebel Star Prabhas who romanced on screen in various films are in love with each other and they will soon get married. 

Nonetheless, the duo rubbished those rumors. Gossipmongers reported that Prabhas' family members didn’t agree for his marriage with Anushka. 

Meanwhile, sources say Anushka's parents have been searching for a good groom but they couldn't find one. On the advice of the astrologers, they even performed special poojas with Anushka to overcome the shortcomings in her horoscope. 

Inside talk is those special poojas are having positive impact on Anushka and she gave green signal for marriage. Anushka's parents are now hunting for a suitable groom and are planning to get her married this year itself.




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