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Another Tholiprema In The Mix

Tholiprema became iconic so much that new youngsters who find that film are becoming fans of Pawan Kalyan while early 2000's kids and youngsters are watching it in repeats these days.

The film helped its maker Karunakaran to survive in the Industry for 22 years, even though most of his films apart from Darling, Ullasamga Utsahanga.

Now, the director is looking for a third chance from his first hero, Pawan Kalyan. Their second film, Balu did not work at box office even though PK fans watch it for comedy and active PSPK-isms regularly.

He has been meeting Pawan regularly and the actor is listening to his ideas very frequently, between the gaps from political and script discussions, it seems.

When they feel, they have arrived on a best possible idea, the director might get his big chance again to start afresh. For now, this combination is still just at the stage of "could-happen" only. We need to wait few more days, for clarity.




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