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Andhrites Raj And DK Ruling Mumbai

The entire Indian Cinema Industry is subdued due to the Pandemic. Except for the celebs doing charity, none are making headlines.

But the directors' duo Raj-DK are hogging the limelight everywhere. Initially, they started it off with a sensible small film, Cinema Bandi.

The movie released on Netflix won the accolades of audience cutting across the languages.

Now, they have taken it to the next level with The Family Man 2.India's most-awaited web series was a blockbuster and has been the biggest OTT hit in India.

In fact, it is no less than a Bollywood Blockbuster. They made Manoj Bajpayee a OTT Superstar with the first season and the entire nation is looking at Samantha with the second season.

The fact that Raj and DK are Telugu people and have made a name for them in Mumbai.How often do you hear someone from AP and Telangana making it big in the North? They have successfully erased the outsiders mark and became Bollywood directors today.

Furthermore, the directors are known for their unique and fresh content be it in films or the OTT and they stay in the game always due to that. They also encourage fresh talent and mentor their ideas to make them into films and web series.

The duo is currently working on the OTT debut of Shahid Kapoor and it is said they will direct a film starring Shah Rukh Khan.


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