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Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Clearly Believes Superstitions ?

Likewise Superstitions are very much mattered to many people in the society. 

Especially many celebrities and politicians are blind followers of many weird superstitions they come across in life. 

Now, it is also clear that even Andhra Pradesh CM Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy is also a strong believer of such superstitions. 

Recently AP CM Jagan has changed his ambience behind his CM chair. From the days of Chandra Babu Naidu's government there was a logo kind of design which would resemble the capital city amaravathi. 

But just a few days ago AP CM Jagan ordered to change his office ambience, it's all because one his followers felt that there were many bad vibrations reflecting the hall. 

And those bad vibrations might be the main reason for flaws in Jagan's governance and decisions. 

Therefore, AP CM Jagan analyzed the whole scene and immediately ordered to change the ambience and look of his room where all the official meetings and video conferences would take place.



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