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Andhra Pradesh cabinet Ministries Detailed List

Andhra Pradesh Cabinet ministries

Andhra Pradesh Cabinet in-depth Details

In a defining moment for Andhra Pradesh politics, N. Chandrababu Naidu has been sworn in as the Chief Minister, leading a 25-member Cabinet. This significant event, marking Naidu’s fourth term as CM, saw a blend of seasoned politicians and new faces from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Jana Sena Party (JSP), and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Let’s delve into the composition of this new Cabinet, the representation across various categories, and the broader political context that shaped this historic formation.

A Landslide Victory for the NDA Coalition

The recent Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections culminated in a sweeping victory for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition. The alliance, composed of Naidu’s TDP, Pawan Kalyan’s JSP, and the BJP, secured an overwhelming 164 out of 175 seats. This electoral success underscored the coalition’s robust campaign strategy and public support, setting the stage for Naidu’s leadership.

Election Results at a Glance

TDP: 135 seats
JSP: 21 seats
BJP: 8 seats

The TDP, with its substantial win, played a pivotal role in the coalition, while the JSP and BJP contributed crucial support to ensure a dominant majority in the Assembly.

Chandrababu Naidu’s Return as Chief Minister

Chandrababu Naidu, a stalwart of Andhra Pradesh politics, took the oath as Chief Minister for the fourth time. His leadership history includes two terms as CM of undivided Andhra Pradesh and this being his second term after the state’s bifurcation. Naidu’s previous terms have been characterized by his focus on infrastructure development and technological advancement, a vision he aims to extend in his current tenure.

The Swearing-In Ceremony

The swearing-in ceremony, held on June 12, 2024, was a grand affair attended by key political figures, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The event not only marked the commencement of Naidu’s new term but also symbolized a fresh chapter for the state under his administration.

Composition of the New Cabinet

The newly formed Cabinet comprises 24 ministers along with Chief Minister Naidu. This selection reflects a diverse representation across various social and demographic categories, designed to ensure a balanced and inclusive governance approach.

Demographic and Social Representation

Other Category: 12 members
Backward Classes (BC): 8 members
Scheduled Castes (SC): 2 members
Scheduled Tribe (ST): 1 member
Muslim Representation: 1 member
Women Ministers: 3 members

This composition highlights Naidu’s commitment to inclusive governance, aiming to represent a broad spectrum of the state’s populace within the Cabinet.

Key Figures in the Cabinet

Pawan Kalyan – Deputy Chief Minister

Pawan Kalyan, the charismatic leader of the JSP, has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister. His political journey from cinema to a significant role in the state government reflects his influence and public appeal. Kalyan is expected to handle portfolios related to rural development and social welfare, areas aligning with his party’s focus on social justice and transparent governance.

Nara Lokesh – Crucial Portfolio Holder

Nara Lokesh, Naidu’s son, has been entrusted with key portfolios including Information Technology and Youth Affairs. Lokesh’s expertise in technology and innovation is anticipated to drive forward the state’s digital transformation agenda, enhancing opportunities for the youth and fostering economic growth.

Detailed List of  Andhra Pradesh cabinetMinisters

TDP Ministers

Name Constituency Key Portfolio(s)
Nara Lokesh Mangalagiri IT, Youth Affairs
Kinjarapu Atchannaidu Tekkali Legislative Matters
Kollu Ravindra Machilipatnam Urban Development and Governance
Ponguru Narayana Nellore City Urban Planning and Housing
Anitha Vangalapudi Payakaraopet Gender Equity and Social Justice
Dr. Nimmala Ramanaidu Palacole Healthcare Reforms
Nasyam Mohammed Farook Nandyal Minority Affairs
Anam Ramanarayana Reddy Atmakur Rural Development
Payyavula Keshav Uravakonda Agriculture Policies
Anagani Satya Prasad Repalle Fisheries and Coastal Management
Kolusu Partha Sarathy Nuzvid Education
Dr. Dola Sree Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy Kondapi Public Health
Gottipati Ravi Kumar Addanki Infrastructure Development
Gummadi Sandhyarani Salur Women’s Affairs
BC Janardhan Reddy Banaganapalle Social Welfare
TG Bharath Kurnool Industrial Development
S Savitha Penukonda Tribal Welfare
Vasamsetti Subash Ramachandrapuram Renewable Energy
Kondapalli Srinivas Gajapathinagaram Panchayat Raj
Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy Rayachoti Forest and Environment

Jana Sena Ministers

Name Constituency Key Portfolio(s)
Pawan Kalyan Pithapuram Deputy Chief Minister
Nadendla Manohar Tenali Legislative Affairs
Kandula Durgesh Nidadavole Rural Development

BJP Representation

Name Constituency Key Portfolio(s)
Satya Kumar Yadav Dharmavaram Urba

Amaravati to be the Capital

In a strategic move, Naidu announced that Amaravati would be reaffirmed as the capital of Andhra Pradesh. This decision aligns with his vision for a central hub that facilitates administrative efficiency and developmental projects.

Political Implications and Future Governance

The formation of this Cabinet is expected to have significant political implications. The coalition’s dominance in the Assembly provides a robust mandate for governance, but also sets high expectations for addressing pressing issues such as infrastructure, rural development, and social equity. Naidu’s administration will need to navigate these challenges while fulfilling the coalition’s promises to the electorate.

Challenges Ahead

Economic Development: Balancing growth with social equity.
Infrastructure: Accelerating development projects.
Social Welfare: Ensuring inclusive policies for diverse communities.


Chandrababu Naidu’s return as Chief Minister, backed by a strategically formed Cabinet, sets the stage for a transformative phase in Andhra Pradesh’s governance. The balanced representation in the Cabinet, the focus on inclusive development, and the reaffirmation of Amaravati as the capital reflect the coalition’s vision for the state. As Naidu and his team embark on this new journey, the people of Andhra Pradesh look forward to a period of dynamic governance and growth.

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