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Anchor Bhanusri’s Marvelous Navel Show

Anchor Bhanusri's Marvelous Navel Show

Bhanusri, the anchor, left her fans in awe with the latest Instagram post that showcased her in a striking ensemble.

Dressed in a black strappy crop blouse paired with a dhoti-style skirt and a gracefully flowing long shrug, she effortlessly flaunted her navel along with a daringly thigh-high slit. Her allure is undeniable, exuding a captivating and undeniably sexy aura. To complement the ensemble, she adorned herself with silver long earrings, a matching bracelet, and strap-up heels that added a touch of glamour to the entire look.

With her hair styled in a chic small ponytail, Bhanusri truly embodied elegance and style in every aspect of her appearance.

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