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Anasuya Fans Trolled Reshmi Very Hard On Social Media

Reshmi, Anasuya are the two most beautiful and popular anchors of Telugu Television, these days. 

They maintain a very close relationship with each other as they call themselves each other's extended family. 

But when Reshmi started out as an anchor, she replaced Anasuya, who left Jabardasth show for some personal and professional reasons. 

This did not go down well with Anasuya fans and they trolled Reshmi very hard on social media. Reshmi shared it all by herself. 

She said, "When I got the offer to be an anchor on Jabardasth, I took it up as work but never thought about whom I am replacing. But when fans of Anasuya started trolling me, I understood, how popular Anasuya is." 

She continued, "Later, as we kept hosting the show, we got even more closer and due to few incidents in my life, she became even close friend. But we still have a cold competition on screen but that is only to better ourselves. I can't do what she does and she can't, what I can. We keep pushing ourselves within our limits to improve. 

But on a personal level, as I am from Vizag, whenever I feel I am missing my family, I go to Anasuya's house for lunch or dinner. Even her kids are very close to me." 

Reshmi had to struggle hard to find some film offers during her early days until Yuva and Jabardasth, made her popular, and find some success in movies too




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