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Anasuya Escaped From Trap By Us Sexracket

After the arrest of Modugumudi couple for running a Tollywood prostitution racket in the US by luring actresses in the name of Telugu events in the US and also with money, a couple of actresses openly accepted that the couple indeed ran a sex racket. Anasuya Bharadwaj revealed that she was approached by Sreeraj (Kishan Modugumudi) in 2016 asking her to attend an event by a Telugu Association. But then, his approach made Anasuya understand that he is asking for the sexual commitment. That’s why she refused the offer. It’s a good thing that she understood why she felt uncomfortable while the guy was speaking. Another actress Sanjjjanaa Galrani and the controversial Sri Reddy also accepted that the above-said couple ran sex racket luring small-time actresses with big money ranging from $1000 to $10,000. Well, they didn’t reveal any big names but a top actress’ name was mentioned as ‘Victim 1’ in the Federal Charges against the couple.





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