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Anantapur TDP leaders are severely upset with JC

The politics in Anantapur district have heated up.  MP JC Diwakar Reddy hails from Anantapur and he is the reason for this situation.  JC is known for his open talk and he never minces words when he is speaking on a certain topic.  It is common for him to make sensational comments. Whether he wanted to prove his greatness or he wanted to tell the people how much priority Chandrababu gives to him, he has recently made such a comment. 

JC Diwakar Reddy recently attended a meeting and he commented that he is preparing a list of candidates for the 14 constituencies in the district.  You may wonder why is he preparing the list?  He says that except 2 or 3 all the other sitting MLAs will surely lose in the next elections in the district so, he is preparing a list with the candidates who can win. He said that he is going to submit the list to Chandrababu.  

The district leaders are severely upset with JC announcement.  They are questioning "Who is JC to say that who will lose elections?  Babu clearly knows about the candidates who can win and he knows whom to give party tickets in the elections." They are saying why JC is unnecessarily misguiding Chandrababu.   Some people went on to say that Babu will not give the tickets to the candidates suggested by JC.   Whatever be the case, JC comments has become a hot topic in the Anantapur politics




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