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Amy Jakson Shares Her Sons Beautiful Photo

Amy Jackson is currently embracing motherhood, who gave birth to an adorable baby boy last week. After sharing a couple of her breastfeeding pictures, the actress shared her son Andreas Jax Panayiotou's another solo picture. It is a pro newborn photoshoot and the picture looks beyond beautiful.

She captioned, "Andreas Jax Panayiotou. Just a little something to brighten up your Monday morning!" Andreas is seen sitting with his eyes closed and face resting on his palms. With just a week old, Andreas is already so cooperative for photographs and he looks like a good little munchkin. The picture grabbed more than 1,80,000 likes within two hours and was showered with an umpteenth number of comments.

One comment read as, "He really looks like you!!" Another commented, "If you were here in India, I would have put a black dot on Andreas to ward off evil. can't wait to meet him." "What a little beauty." One more commenter said, "Omg how beautiful. God bless this little angel."
The actress announced the news of Andreas birth on Instagram last week by sharing a picture of herself from the hospital bed. She was seen holding him in her arms, and with her boyfriend, George Panayiotou kissing her forehead.




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