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Amazon In Plans To Take Over Single Screen Theaters

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has put a particular focus on single screen theatres. Amazon, however is not intended to use theatres to screen films, but to convert them into ready-made godowns. By delivering the ordered item to the customer the fastest, Amazon hopes to dominate the retail sector. It was decided to take the theatres that were prepared to close and prepare godowns everywhere for this. Hyderabad single-screen theatres, which were closed in March because of the Covid pandemic, have not opened yet. The theatre owners are not interested in opening them again because of the fear that the audience may not come to the theatres. Ten months have already passed since the theatres closed. Owing to the lockdown, owners have experienced a great loss already.

There is no guarantee that theatres will return to normalcy even if the vaccine becomes available and life returns to normal a few months later. Before the pandemic, multiplex culture thrived in the city. Moreover, due to the influence of OTTs, the number of audiences coming to single theatres has decreased. This is what attracted the individual screens to Amazon to conquer. Amazon has already set up its largest retail market centre in Hyderabad. Now it has concentrated on establishing godowns locally. In the most populated areas of the city, all the individual theatres are located. Theatres and surrounding space are also well suited to a logistics centre or godown. So for a hit film release, the business offers twice as much money that the owners get. The film has also inked deals with some screens in Hyderabad, as per news. Business specialists believe both Amazon and theatre owners would benefit from the offer. It is hoped that by delivering ordered items from local godowns rapidly and at the same time the theatres can recover from losses, Amazon will gain the upper hand in the retail market.


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