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Amaravati Farmers Seek Samakka-Sarakka Blessings

The protest of Amaravati farmers against the 'Three Capitals' has reached 53rd day. In many ways the farmers are protesting yet the government is not taking back its decision to have 'Three Capitals.' Earlier this week, farmers landed in Delhi and met Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu and other leaders in government to stall the capital shift.

Now the Amaravati farmers want divine blessings and in order for that a group of farmers have started to Medaram tribal deities Sammakka and Saralamma fest is going on. The farmers hired a bus and with slogans 'Jai Andhra Pradesh' and 'Jai Amaravati' they kicked off their journey.

On the other hand, two more farmers sat down on a hunger fast for 151 hours in protest over the 151 MLAs, YSRCP has won in the last elections.

Looks like Amaravati farmers are doing everything in their hands to restrain YSRCP government from shifting the capital.




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