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Amala Warns Telangana Municipal Authorities For Indiscriminate Killing Of Stray Dogs

Telugu Film hero Nagarjuna's wife and Blue Cross founder Amala Akkineni angered the indiscriminate killing of stray dogs by Municipal authorities in Telangana.

She met Principal Secretary Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar at the official's office and discussed about terminating the canines indiscriminately. She warned dog killing is a crime under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act. 

She suggested the government to take up sterilization of dogs to end the menace instead of killing them. Amala informed government her blue Cross organisation is also ready to extend support. 

In an immediate response, the official said government will take firm steps to prevent killing of stray dogs and hire veterinary doctors and para veterinary staff and impart training to them on conduct of anti birth control surgeries and vaccination of dogs




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