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Amala Paul Reveals Her Love Story

Love is in air and it has become part of life not only in the lives of the commoners but also among celebrities. One cannot say when love bug bites them. More than 90% have first love experiences. Now, Amala Paul known for her sensations in her life has stunned all by making shocking revelations. 

It is known that Amala who was on the verge of skyrocketing to the next level of stardom after romancing Ram Charan and Allu Arjun in Nayak and Iddarammayilato respectively, however kicked out everything and entered into wedlock with Kollywood director AL.Vijay after falling in love with him. 

But within two years, they parted ways and she is now once again on screen offering bold beauty treats. In the meantime speaking to scribes she stunned all saying she fell in love with someone else even before loving AL.Vijay. 

She said just like everyone, she too has a sweet and cute love story and had a crush with chocolate boy Madhavan. When Amala was making this revelation, Maddy was next to her and seen smiling cheekily. Amala in the midst of all this surprised everyone by running towards him and giving him a bear hug.




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