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Amala Decides Not To Join In AMMA

Like we have MAA, Movie Artists Association in Tollywood, AMMA is the Association for Malayalam Movie Artists. Akkineni Amala and 13 more women artists wrote on Facebook that they aren’t going to join the association. Going into the details for the uninitiated, Malayalam hero Dileep was alleged with the kidnap of an actress and sexual harassment in a car. He was arrested and was also produced in the court of law. AMMA also suspended the actor showing solidarity to the decision of another association Women in Cinema Collective. But now, once again AMMA revoked the suspension of Dileep which led to a lot of displeasure among the common audiences and also the artists. So, Amala and other actresses decided not to join AMMA for the association’s stand towards the actress’ kidnap case and also the disparity in the paycheque of the male and the female artists. Many prominent South actresses resigned from AMMA and others seem to be on the way to quit the association. Superstar Mohanlal is the President of the association.





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