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Allu Sirish Fires On Vodafone

Allu Sirish's anger over the Vodafone company has been maximized in twitter. It's so much angry …. In the Twitter account,  he wrote about the telephone company! What do you want to say Allu Sirish, who uses the airtel Network, recently used mobile number portability to switch to Vodafone and use his old number. Sirish, who discovered that Vodafone does not have any signals, has revealed that he has been approaching a bad network and has revealed the same on his Twitter account. "Whatever value it does not know for long until its with us. Recently i switched to Vodafone from Airtel. My situation has changed from bad to worst. Forget about 4G, at least 2G signals are not available. If the call drops are set aside, at least the signal is not there its the case. I'm very sorry. I've learned a lesson "says in a Twitter account. The horrible thing is that … Once the portability is done, the network must have at least 90 days!





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