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Allu Arjun’s Craze Doubles-He’s Being Loved, Pan-India

Allu Arjun is a superstar and there is no denying that fact. He is very famous all over the country because of his dubbed films and dance numbers. But ALaVaikunthapuramlo has changed things overnight.

The manner in which the songs have gone viral has taken Bunny’s popularity to another level. Everyone is aware of the film and its dances as they are imitating him on various platforms. He is now a Pan-India star as several big media houses are making a beeline to interview him.

His popularity in the Bollywood film circles is also getting big as heroines like Disha Patani are in awe fo his dances. One film has changed the career of Allu Arjun who is now looking to make a big plunge into the Hindi cinema.

He is loved for his dances and style and many feel that the moment he will enter Hindi cinema, people will embrace him with open arms.




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