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Allu Arjun Is In Mega Confusion About His Next Movies

A year ago, Allu Arjun was on top of the game. He felt his career is in full control in his hands. Trade pundits predicted that he is poised to become a huge star with pan-south India appeal.

His average movies also started raking in more than Rs 60 Cr. All that changed with one flop: “Naa Peru Surya”.

A year ago, it was directors who waited for his dates. Now, he is looking for leading directors to collaborate with them.

Sadly, no leading director is available at present to work with him immediately and all are busy with other stars.

He is hoping that Boyapati would start working with him again as his film with Ram Charan will be completed by September itself, as seventy per cent of the shoot has already been wrapped up. However, Boyapati is committed to do his next movie for Balakrishna.

Only if Balayya asks him to wait for next year, Boyapati may take up Bunny’s project. It all depends on Balayya’s decision now.

On the other hand, Bunny's next film will be announced if he gets satisfied with the final script narration by Vikram Kumar.

The director with off-beat ideas impressed the star with his storyline, but Allu Arjun expressed his doubts about the second half. He will decide about this movie after Vikram Kumar narrates new version of second half.

As things are getting delayed, he once again called Tamil director N Linguswamy. They were to team up together two years ago, but it didn’t work out. This time too Linguswamy has failed to come up with a convincing storyline.

So, Allu Arjun is in mega confusion now about his next movies. One wrong calculation has surely cost him a lot




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