All Three Deadly Fungal Infections In One Patient In Ghaziabad: Officials

A Ghaziabad man was recently diagnosed with three different fungal infections at the same time. All three different types of fungal infections were found in his body during the post-Covid treatment stages. Test results revealed that all three, black, white and yellow fungi were found in his body.

Lately, there has been a lot of fungus cases being reported in India. Initially, it started with black fungus cases and now even White and Yellow fungus cases are being reported.

Talking about the man, he started showing symptoms in the post-Covid treatment stage. He complained of swelling and bleeding. His eyes were swollen badly. There were other symptoms like tiredness and loss of appetite as well.

When a CT scan was done, the reports regarding his sinus were all normal. But the endoscopy revealed his state and that he had all black, white and yellow infections. Medical experts were thinking about what treatment procedure do they follow for him. Although there is no particular treatment for a case like this, the patient should be fine with Amphotericin B.

The ENT specialist at Harsh Hospital, Dr B P Tyagi who is treating the patient shared that they are taking all the necessary precautions. He will be given the medicines accordingly. The doctors at the hospital are all aware of his case. Dr NK Gupta, Chief Medical Officer shared that there are chances this man is suffering from one fungal infection but symptoms are of all three.

The situation is already concerning in the country. People already on the edge due to the Coronavirus cases have a new cause for panic: the back fungus and white fungus. In addition, doctors now say that they have recently discovered another variant in the virus called ‘yellow fungus’.

Medical experts have said that the yellow fungus is as dangerous or even more when compared to the black and white fungus. The very first case of yellow fungus was reported from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. 

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