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All Pawan Haters Ended Up Disasters

Senior director Ram Gopal Varma is known for his unique and peculiar ideology. He would use social media platforms to exhibit his views on various issues. He turned extremely controversial with his shocking views many times. He would maintain rivalry with mega family heroes especially with Power Star Pawan Kalyan due to unknown reasons. Whenever he is forgotten by the people, he would abuse Pawan Kalyan on his Twitter handle. 

Critic Kathi Mahesh got overnight popularity though his abuses on Pawan Kalyan in social media platforms and in TV channels. His filthy language on Hindu Gods in a TV channel shocked everyone. 

Actress Sri Reddy too indulged in boothulu on Pawan Kalyan in TV channels and shot to fame in a limited span of time. 

Co-incidentally, all the above personalities appeared to have gone to rags with their misdeeds. RGV concentrated more on controversial things on social media and less on movie making. As a result, he delivered a historical flop in Tollywood, Officer, which has collected just Rs.1 crore share. Srireddy was unofficially banned from media houses as she used D grade boothulu on Pawan Kalyan and on many celebs. Kathi Mahesh was expelled from Hyderabad by Hyderbad police for his abuses on Hindu gods. 

Interestingly, all these people abused Pawan Kalyan and kept themselves in limelight for a few days. And more interestingly, all these people were supported by a top news channel. Finally, the trio and the TV channel had to suffer a huge loss losing their values ethically.




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