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Ageing Does Not Bother Me Says Madhavan

Ever since Mani Ratnam's "Sakhi" movie bowled out south India, R Madhavan became that adorable handsome heartthrob of many. Even after 18 years passed by, he's the charmer in the room.

While speaking at an event in Bangalore, R Madhavan made some strong comments on the views of 'looking good'.  "When somebody comes for a hair colour, it's evident that you're ageing. It's a natural progression. There is no harm in trying different things to look younger and I admire such persons without passing any judgements. But I'm never concerned about age and all, about putting weight or carving muscles. It was always part of me, so I won't get bothered about it" says Madhavan, simply saying that ageing is not bothering him. 

So what will he do to keep up his image? Or what he won't do? "All I will say is, to keep up an image that you're comfortable with. If I grew bald tomorrow, I won't take any wig or transplantation. At the same time, I won't wear makeup in the morning to come out. he added. 

At a time when many big star heroes are trying to cover their image by wearing wigs and also using botox injections to cover those wrinkles, Madhavan's words are truly hard-hitting, aren't they? 




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