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Again Six Pack

Mahesh Babu has already gone for acomplete makeover for his 25th movie, full-beard and new hairstyle done by Hakim Alim. He wants to surprise the audience further. At the age of 43, Mahesh Babu seems to be trying for six-pack abs.

He recently hired a Bollywood trainer and he is accompanying the star wherever he moves or shoots. Mahesh is sweating out daily confess the unit members. The latest photographs show he is on the way to achieving a fit body with abs.

There was lots of hype that he’d be showing off six-pack body during the shoot of “1 Nenokkadine”, but Mahesh Babu shot down the rumours saying that he was not at all interested in achieving that. However, much to the delight of his female fans, he did show off his back in the film. 

Mahesh always looks fit, but this time he wants to compete with the likes of NTR Jr and Ram Charan with whom he has started bonding well. Incidentally, both NTR and Charan have six-pack abs




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