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Affair Of Young Hero And Senior Singer Going Viral

Unbelievable things happen across the world and in film industry they happen regularly. Especially when people with huge gap turn their simple acquaintance into a steamy affair, it's a huge news of sorts.    

She happens to be a married singer. But she lives quite independently and never tries to make money by going to any abroad tours and travels. He happens to be a young hero with a solid market and always linked up with the co-star he's working with. Here's the story now.

From a time, this 40+ singer and the 30+ hero are madly deeply and strongly in love with each other. While the hero's circle says that he's just flirting with her, the singer's friends maintained that they are more than a couple. But this "Nishabdh" story of sorts is not being taken well by their families. They want them to break all the contact immediately. 

Though there is no question of marriage or anything like that between these two, somehow the affair is going pretty stronger from the singer's side, while the hero is said to be looking many other options. 




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