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Advices Flowing For Sai Dharam Tej

Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej's nonstop failures are worrying his fans to the core. In spite of having immense acting prowess and good dancing and other skills related to acting, Sai tasted bitter results with his recent offings. 

One striking setback in common which appeared to have been playing a vital role in the failures of his films. Almost all films of Sai were made as action and romantic entertainers. His latest offing Tej I Love You was made as a complete romantic entertainer. The genre might have been a new one for him, but not for audience. Sai has missed this very basic logic. 

We are hearing the reports that his upcoming film has an emotional love story and has a father and son sentiment in it. Sounds like another routine fare from Sai!

Why shouldn't Sai think about doing a film in brand new genre which impresses the audience right away after hearing it? Now that he gave a series of flops, every Tom, Dick and Harry may give advice to him on what to do and what not to do. However, if Sai contemplates on doing films in different genres it may help for his future.




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