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Actress Uploaded Naked Boyfriend In Social Media

Poor Boyfriend ended up all naked in front of the camera in a video that has been uploaded on Instagram by the actress. She didn’t do that intentionally though, but she put him in an immensely embarrassing position in front of the world. It is the Hollywood actress Eiza Gonzalez and the poor boyfriend is Josh Duhamel. You may recognize Eiza from “Baby Driver” and she posts insanely hot video clips and pictures on social media. Thanks to her hot body. For the routine, the actress was filming herself in the grey colored bikini turning the camera around to give a better view of her shapes. That is when in the background Josh appeared ripping off his pants and turned towards the camera naked. Well, his manhood was covered by a pot in the room, but people could notice it is him. Well, Eiza didn’t notice that as she posted the video, but once the comments flooded her post, that is when she realized the mishap and re-uploaded the video this time without nudity by cropping Josh’s part. Though she corrected the mistake, the damage has already occurred as the news has gone viral on the internet leaving fans in huge disappointment for missing the fun.






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