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Aa Gattununtaavaa Vidyaarthi Ee Gattukkostaavaa

Art is inspired from life and life sometimes imitates art. This is a natural phenomenon in the history of mankind. We are now talking about how films are influencing the society. Recently a scene from the film "Bharat Ane Nenu"  emphasizes on the need to upgrade government schools. Probably, that could be the reason even the government sector promotions are going innovative in catching the attention of the people.

"Aa Gattununtaavaa Naganna Ee Gattukostaavaa…" is one of the most famous songs in recent times among Telugus and thanks to "Rangasthalam" and lyricist Chandrabose.

Now a Mandal Parishat School in Kajulauru of East Godavari District has erected a hoarding sensitizing the locals about the importance of government school in comparison to that of private schools.

The words written on it are "Aa Gattununtaavaa Vidyaarthi! Ee Gattukkostaavaa? Aa gattunemo 20000 kharchu undi, ee gattunemo nanyamaina chaduvu undi", as a parody to the famous Rangasthalam song.

Well, pictures speak louder than words. Just look at the picture here and understand what message is being conveyed hilariously.




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