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A United Front Against KCR

KCR is contemplating a non-BJP/Congress alliance that will change the contours of the political scenario in India.

While one does not know whether this plan will take shape, back home, a front is being formed against KCR himself.

CPI State Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy said that the CPI, TJS (Party founded by Kodandaram) and the Congress will soon join hands to unseat KCR’s autocratic administration.

if such a front does indeed materialise then the TDP will also in likelihood be part of it except for the BJP and MIM which have an understanding with KCR.

On their own, no party is powerful enough or has a charismatic leader like KCR but united, they can cause a severe dent to TRS aspirations.

The Opposition is also looking to cash in on the Centre’s refusal for the Bayyaram steel plant.

Beyond a point, KCR or the TRS cannot criticize the Modi government and this according to the Opposition will work in their favour.

Rahul Gandhi has also apparently given the go ahead to Uttam Kumar Reddy to woo the Andhra voters in Telangana and field some of them in those constituencies where they are in a majority.

Will this alliance finally result in Uttam Kumar Reddy getting to shave his beard or will he have to let it grow till 2024




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