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A Teaser Doing Wonders For Lakshmi Manchu

Just a teaser is out and that is said to be doing wonders for Lakshmi Manchu, as the actress-producer is quite happy now. Though the buzz created by the teaser is pretty usual, there is something that is truly exciting for her.

Promoting her latest film "W/o Ram" as something that stands for women and feminism, Lakshmi made sure that she gets the likes of Rakul Preet and other prominent female celebs for the trailer launch. Forget how the trailer of the film is like, but it surely created a hype for it. 

And now, we hear that a popular Internet-based video on demand service provider has acquired the rights of this crime thriller for an amazing price. Earlier the Hindi dubbing rights of the film are also sold for a stunning deal, say sources. So it's not just about cutting a good teaser but also one needs to put it effectively on the map, is what this teaches anyone. 

Meanwhile, Manchu Lakshmi is still finding for the right date to release the film and trade circuits are said to have advised her to wait for a while




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