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35 Assembly Constituencies Become A Headache For TDP Leaders

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu will have a tough time ahead with the selection of candidates in 35 Segments after Centre rejected the proposal of Delimitation of Assembly Constituencies. 

In 24 constituencies, YCP MLAs have defected to the Ruling Party & TDP MLA Candidates in last elections were serving as Constituency in-charges. In-charges will revolt if TDP Leadership offers ticket to Sitting MLAs and vice versa. Group Wars & Lack of coordination between party leaders in these 24 Constituencies has become a headache for TDP Leadership. Even if Chandrababu Naidu try to compensate denial of MLA Ticket with MLC or Corporation Chairman post, There is no guarantee that rift will be resolved.

In 11 Other Constituencies, Either People aren't happy with the Sitting MLAs or there is too much competition for party ticket with Senior Leaders trying to continue their legacy with family members. Even fielding winning horses mayn't guarantee victory if group wars aren't addressed.

TDP Leadership is concerned about the fact that party leaders who were denied tickets may shift loyalties to other parties. How could Naidu stop leaders from ditching TDP before elections?   




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