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24 Kisses By Hebbah Patel

Both for her hot looks and those kissing scenes, Hebbah Patel has shot to immense fame in Tollywood with "Kumari 21 F". Surprisingly she has failed to take that attention to next level by scoring hits and grabbing chances with A-list stars.

In no time, Hebbah has done some crap films and ended up in the land of no-opportunities. Though there are occasional rumours about her, she confined herself to Mumbai only. But we hear that she has wrapped the shooting of an upcoming film titled "24 Kisses" without any hungama. Here is an interesting snippet about it. 

Director Ayodhya Kumar of "Minugurulu" fame is coming up with the film "24 Kisses" whose story revolves around the kisses between the lead couple, played by Adith Arun (Garudavega fame) and Hebbah Patel. With the heroine known for such adult stuff, it looks like the director weaved a story around that persona. 

What is being rumoured is that there are some deep lip kissing scenes in the movie. But how far Censor Board is going to allow that to be shown on the silver screen is the primary hurdle here. And then, will this adult stuff work once again for Hebbah?




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