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22 Crores For Bharath Ane Nenu Hindi Rights

Other languages ​​of the movies are dubbed into the movies except here, but it's rare that our movies have been translated into other places. But in the past few years the situation has changed. Dabbing versions of Telugu movies have a great effect in other languages. Even in theaters on YouTube, there are Telugu dubbing movies in TV channels. In the North, our mass movies are unexpected. Hindi dubbing rights have a good rate for every film in this background. Star Hollywood movies have more than Rs 10 crore rights.

Mahesh Babu's new film 'Bharat anu nenu' is a story of Hindi rights. The total amount is Rs 22 crore. Mahesh Babu is back in the north. However, his film does not seem to be credulous at Rs 22 crore. If this is true then 'Bharath' will be the record of 'Bharat Aadha' as the Telugu movie which earns the highest price for dubbing rights after Bahubali. And let's see the truth in this deal. Mahesh is the real thing about the film after the recent producers leaked and hype for the film. On the other hand 'Bharat Anu nenu' Tamil. Hindi versions will soon be coming to the audience.




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