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12 Lac Plus People Applied For Nithyanandas Kailaasa Citizenship

The self-styled and controversial guru Swami Nithyananda posted a new update on his Facebook with a video saying that more than 12 lakh people have applied for the citizenship of Kailaasa nation, a self-discovered country of Nithyananda's. Kailaasa is an unknown island allegedly near Ecuador and declared it a Hindu sovereign nation.

A website named Kailaasa.org vividly suggests that Nithyananda founded his own country but did not disclose the location. However, the country has its own cabinet, flag, university, constitution and emblem. The video also tells that Nithaynanda will unveil the road map for his country on the auspicious occasion of  Karthikai Deepam. He also told in the joy that his email has been entirely filled with queries asking about the citizenship of his nation.

'A few countries, I do not wish to reveal the particulars, have approached me directly to form Kailaasa country. We will soon work out with them towards establishing the new country and I will inform as soon as it happens. The country has gained popularity due to the memes and the creators. I do not know if they are noble or otherwise, but they work for the money they get,' Nithyananda said.

Nithyananda, who flew away from the country in November second week, had passport cancelled on 6 December by the Ministry of External Affairs. His application for a new one was also rejected because of the cases pending against him. It is comprehended that in spite of the exposure of his alleged crimes and wrongdoings, there are still an unimaginably huge number of followers for the godman.





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