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1 Person Per Family Allowed To Go Outside In T’gana

Hyderabad: Telangana will be under complete lockdown till March 31 as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said on Sunday.

Rao made the announcement after chairing a high-level meeting to discuss the situation in the state where the total number of coronavirus positive cases has gone up to 26.

We should show the same spirit as we did today (Janta curfew) till March 31, we will be able to stop the spread of the disease. Telangana will be under lockdown till March 31," he said.

All inter-state borders will closed and only vehicles carrying essential goods such as medicines will be allowed entry into the state, he said. He requested people to confine to their homes during the lockdown period.

Here are all the restrictions that will be in place in Telangana till the end of the month:

– Not more than one person, from each house, will be allowed outside to get necessary groceries or other essential supplies.

– No groups/crowds allowed on roads. Not more than five people can be together.

– All the white ration-card holders (87.59 lakh holders) will be given 12 kg rice for a month.

– Every ration card holder will be given 1500 rupees – this will cost the government 1314 crore rupees. A total of 2416 crore rupees is being spent by the government.

– All government employees need not come to work. Only people associated with essential services will have to come to work. However, other department workers can come to work on rotational basis- at a time 20 percent employees can come

– Evaluation of exam papers will also be put on hold.

– Both government and private sector should pay its employees the salary during the lock down period.

– Anganwadis to be shut but government will work out a way to get meals to school kids.

– Public Transport to be closed. All inter-state borders shut except vehicle carrying essential services goods, nothing will be allowed.




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